Natural Gas Benefits

Switch to natural gas and enjoy annual savings, reliable heat, plentiful hot water, precise cooking temperatures, and more!!

Benefits that Make Every Space a Happy Place  

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  • Savings
    Smile big at savings up to $2,118* per year.
  • Clothes Dry Quicker
    Laundry dries quicker with gas heat, so you have more time to do more of what makes you happy.
  • Plentiful Hot Water
    Enjoy relaxing showers with water that heats faster and stays warmer longer.
  • Precise Cooking
    A natural gas stove provides precise cooking temperatures, giving you control while you cook up your favorite recipes.
  • Reliable Heat
    Count on natural gas to keep your home comfortable and cozy.


Discover the Savings

Check out these calculators to see how much you could save on heating when you switch to natural gas.

Natural Gas vs. Oil    Natural Gas vs. Electric    Natural Gas vs. Propane


Energy Efficiency Programs

The road to saving money with energy efficiency is more affordable.

Financial incentives exclusively available to ETG customers when purchasing and installing high-efficiency natural gas equipment and other energy-saving improvements.  Choose from 0% APR financing and rebates on high-efficiency equipment.  

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Make the Switch to Natural Gas

If you're interested in switching to natural gas or have questions, call 1.844.886.8488 to speak with an Elizabethtown Gas representative.
*Average annual savings when switching from alternative heat sources and assume use of high efficiency natural gas equipment. Actual savings vary based on usage and energy sources. Comparisons based on EIA NJ Residential Retail Pricing for Oil (February 2023), Propane (February 2023), Electric (December 2022), and ETG’s March 2023 natural gas rate. Availability of natural gas is not guaranteed and contingent upon household proximity to natural gas main. 
**Visit for financing and rebate details.

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