Start/Stop/Transfer Service

Start/Stop/Transfer Service

Choosing natural gas for your business is an environmentally responsible way to get the comfort, reliability and performance you need today. And natural gas helps your business preserve the environment for future generations: It produces far less greenhouse-gas emissions and carbon than competing energy sources.

Already Have a Natural Gas Meter?

If your business is already set up for natural gas service, which means you have a meter at your business already, all you have to do is establish an account. Please contact us at 1.800.242.5830, option 2

Not Set Up for Natural Gas?

If your business does not have a meter – but you're ready to enjoy the comfort, reliability and performance of natural gas – call 1.866.578.4130 to talk to a representative.  

Want to Transfer Natural Gas to a Different Address? 

We’ll do everything we can to make your transfer of service go smoothly. Simply call us at 1.800.242.5830, option 2

Already have a natural gas meter and want to add an appliance?

Whether it’s a commercial-grade generator, boiler, or kitchen equipment, contact us first to learn what your business needs to add natural gas services. We’ll assist you in making the addition seamless and successful. Call us at 1.866.578.4130.

Need to Stop Service? 

Choosing natural gas is the most efficient and environmentally-responsible way to get the comfort, reliability and performance you need. If you need to stop your Elizabethtown Gas service, call us at 1.800.242.5830, option 2.

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